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Lekcja 4 - Test Marlins

Lekcja 4 - Test Marlins

autor: mgr Weronika Milowicz


Przykładowe zadanie z najnowszej wersji testu Marlins.

Zadanie wzorowane na: Version 4.2 of the ISF Marlins English Language Test for Seafarers. (październik 2010)

Records of navigational activities All ships engaged on international voyages shall keep on board a record of navigational activities and incidents/drills/alarms which are of importance to security/model/safety/ of navigation and which must contain sufficient detail to restore a complete record of the voyage, taking into account the recommendations/plans/positions adopted by the Organization. When such information is not maintained in the ship’s contingency plan/log-book/manual, it shall be maintained in another form approved by the Administration.


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